Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kay scores the same as Roland Burris in THAT'S MY CONGRESS rating?

The "progressive" That's My Congress bashes Roland Burris for not being liberal enough by comparing him to Kay (link). Excerpt follows...

“Tell Rod to keep me in mind for that seat, would ya?…. I know I could give him a check myself.”

Senator Roland Burris of Illinois: It's all about the checks– Roland Burris, in a phone call with Robert Blagojevich, November 13, 2008, prior to his being appointed by Rod Blagojevich to the United States Senate.

Senator Burris, it’s not like you’ve been busy on Capitol Hill advancing the progressive cause. Your Progressive Action Score is a measly 22 out of 100, a score as low as Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has gotten herself, for Pete’s sake. You haven’t supported the advancement of Pre-K legislation for kids. You’ve dropped the ball on three bills to protect our ocean environment. You haven’t supported equality for gay families in immigration, and you haven’t helped in the effort to ban cluster bombs.

I went and checked out the scoring system, and it turns out there is a progressive scale and a regressive scale and a net progressive score... all factored in Kay is tied with Kit Bond as the third most "progressive" Republican Senator, after only Collins and Snowe of Maine. Kay is more progressive than George Voinovich, Mel Martinez, or even her fellow female Republican Lisa Murkowski.

She has a -7 net progressive rating, for supporting things like S-CHIP expansion and Lilly Ledbetter. Big John Cornyn by contrast has a -71 rating, which shows how Kay is not nearly on the same page as Big John on a lot of issues.

This rating system is incomplete since it is ongoing for the current session of Congress... and it is done by a liberal site, but it does confirm that Kay thinks she must tack to the left to pick up cross over Democrats and Independents. As a lot of pundits have noted, Kay's strategy probably hinges on high turnout and lots of new non conservative voters in the Republican Primary.

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  1. KBH is a RINO. Why is this shocking to you?


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