Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Democrat Mark Thompson running for Texas Governor...

Democrat Mark Thompson, who performed surprisingly well against African American Republican Michael Williams in last year's election for the Rail Road Commission, is planning a run for Governor.

KIII from South Texas has the story (link). Excerpt follows...

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Mark Thompson, who made an unsuccessful bid last year to be Texas Railroad Commissioner, says he will run for governor as a Democrat.

Thompson, a therapist for blind children, filed paperwork Wednesday with the Texas Ethics Commission that is the first step in a run for office.

Thompson garnered about 44 percent of the statewide vote in his 2008 run for railroad commissioner. He lost to Michael L. Williams, who received about 4 million votes to Thompson's 3.4 million.

Former ambassador Tom Schieffer and author and humorist Kinky Friedman have said they are considering running for the Democratic nomination.

On the Republican side, Gov Rick Perry has said he will run for re-election. He will be challenged by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in the primary election.

Add in Kinky, Tom Schieffer, and possibly a few others, are all running for Governor on the Democrat side. A contested primary for Democrats makes the likelihood of massive Democrat cross over for Kay increasingly unlikely.

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