Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rick's team is all a twitter...

Rick has @GovernorPerry for himself.
@TexGov for his official duties.
@GovPerry2010 for his campaign.

Now there is @Interns4Perry.

Apparently it's a girl, according to a picture tweet made on Memorial Day by @Interns4Perry...

Kids these days with their "yfrog." Never heard of it.

Gotta wonder whether Rick is concerned that one of these many twitter outlets will let something slip that shouldn't be public information yet... or an intern posts a drunken picture late at night. That's probably why Kay's team only seems to have @TeamKay. Maybe that is also a way to target the message and stay zoned in and not get all down every rabbit hole. In the end, aren't the same people following all the same twitter feeds?

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