Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rick and Kay both vying for credit for Lackland AFB job announcement...

Last week, I blogged that Kay had taken some credit for the Air Force announcing the new Cyber Command at Lackland AFB in San Antonio (link).

Kay was quick to take credit for it, much like the ETF job announcements Rick frequently takes credit for...

Rick is also taking credit for the Cyber Command decision, it seems (link). Excerpt follows...

“On the heels of Medtronic’s recent decision to bring more than 1,400 new jobs to San Antonio, locating this command here is a remarkable step forward for the region. Both developments are reminders that Texas is well-positioned to lead in a rapidly diversifying global economy.” 

To view Gov. Perry’s recent letter encouraging the Air Force to locate in San Antonio, see following attachment:

Attached File:   Letter to Secretary Donley

From what I can tell, both Rick and Kay wrote letters urging the Air Force to put the Cyber Command in Texas. Was there anything else worthy of either one taking credit? I don't see it. This was by all accounts a military decision, not a political one... but maybe I am being naive.

The San Antonio paper had a good write up about it (link). Excerpt follows...

“This was not a Democrat or a Republican issue,” Hardberger noted, praising the efforts of Texas' congressional delegation — specifically Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison — to secure the command. “This was very much a bipartisan effort, and San Antonio will be the beneficiary of hundreds of good-paying jobs, paying an average of $70,000 a year.”

Gov. Rick Perry was equally enthusiastic: “It is fitting that the town that hosts the cradle of modern military medicine would now welcome a command with such a vital role to play in the future of national defense.”

What I wonder is how many of these jobs are going to Texans, or is this going to bring in mostly people from other parts of the country into San Antonio?

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