Friday, May 29, 2009

Theoretical Californians: "Rick took our jobs..."

The Libertarian Republican who was at a blogger seminar with Rick over the Memorial Day holiday had an interesting blog about what Rick said in terms of recruiting companies from California to move to Texas (link). Excerpt follows...
Perry also serves as Chairman of the National Governors Association (NGA). But that didn't stop him from taking a gentle jibe at one of his fellow Republican Govs. 

"Arnold hates it when I show up in California, cause he knows I'm there to recruit a business," said Perry. He continued to talk of his efforts to recruit firms from other States. 

"Caterpillar just closed down 2 plants up north... [yet] they're planning on opening up a new plant in Seguin, Texas," he continued. He also spoke of a recent trip to Oklahoma. Speaking with political leaders there, he said, "hey, I'd love it if you all didn't pass tort reform," hinting that it would encourage OK businesses to consider the Texas alternative. 

Perry surprised attendees with a little insider info, hinting that next Friday an announcement will be made of 4 new tech firms relocating to Texas.
I wonder if Rick is planning on personally visiting California to make the sales pitch to any companies out there. Having a few of those announcements lined up for his campaign would really hammer home the point that Rick wants to make... that Texas is doing relatively well compared to other big states in the country. Why change horses in midstream when things are bad everywhere else and still somewhat good in the Lone Star Empire.

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