Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rick on Neil Cavuto with Mark Sanford...

RIck was on Neil Cavuto earlier today with Mark Sanford promoting their conference call... WHICH I SIGNED UP FOR BUT DIDN'T GET A CALL FROM.

The extremely liberal ThinkProgress has some of the video, and they seem to be confused... or intentionally confusing. They are claiming that Rick again promoted secession, something he never did in the first place and didn't do here either. I think they are just trying to get their video to go viral by stirring up nonexistent controversy, so I won't link to their version. Instead I will link to the full Fox News interview (link)...

Based on what I see in the video, Rick is just staying ruthlessly on message. For as many so called gaffes as he makes, he really just seems hard to get off track from what he wants to say in these interviews.

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