Friday, May 15, 2009

Hostility to Rick on the rise from liberal media...

With Rick becoming somewhat of a conservative rock star in recent months, the liberal media seems very interested in taking him down a few notches.

Keith Olbermann earlier this week named Rick the "co-Worst Person in the World" along with Mark Sanford of South Carolina.

I have to say, that reasoning from Olbermann is pretty soft. Rick and Mark are probably putting that clip on their trophy cases... being Olbermann's worst person means you are doing something right most of the time.

Wayne Slater has also taken a seemingly more cynical tack lately with Rick and really seems focused on Rick's courting of social conservatives... for example, when it came out that Rick was going to be part of Sean Hannity's Freedom Tour this summer as it rolls through Texas, the typically solid Wayne Slater focused on the social conservatives who would be in attendance and even used the word "wingdings," which doesn't always have the most positive connotation. Later, Wayne did do the right thing and edited his blog to reflect that the Freedom Tour benefits a really good charity. Wayne has also gone on CNN a lot lately and has sort of let the CNN reporters believe that Rick actually called for secession instead of clarifying what actually happened.

Other journalists also seem really focused lately on Rick's courting of social conservatives, but they always seem to phrase it as if he is either just pandering or out of touch or is a one trick pony on abortion. I also can't help but notice... there are so many more news hits for Rick than Kay out there. Rick is doing things that get visibility with the base, while Kay is sort of tucked away in DC or at private fundraisers. Since Kay is less visible, she is also less of a visible target for journalists, I guess.

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