Thursday, November 5, 2009

About that porker of the month award...

TexasFred sums up what a lot of conservatives are feeling these days about pork (link). Excerpt follows...

It seems that this award is much akin to my Douchebag of the Week award. :twisted:

I think everyone that has ever read my blog knows, I have some serious issues with Kay Bailey Hutchison. She is, in MY opinion, a socialist, an open borders advocate, quite likely an in the closet amnesty supporter and an all around RINO! A Republican In Name Only!

Prove it, you say? Gladly, says I!

Sen. Kay *Bailout* Hutchison bails out on defunding ACORN. She didn’t bother to show up for this vote to de-fund ACORN.

More you say? Okie dokie, try this; Hutchison on defensive over border fence and Hutchison was an ardent supporter of the Immigrant Dream Act, another *back door* attempt at amnesty for ILLEGALS, Immigrant ‘Dream’ Act Fails Key Senate Vote.

“But Fred”, you say, “Is that ALL you have? It doesn’t seem so bad, and why oh why would you call a wonderful Republican like Sen. Hutchison a Socialist RINO?”

Here’s WHY: Hutchison proved herself to be nothing more than a SOCIALIST when she vote FOR the Wall Street bailout, Congress OKs historic bailout bill. She voted FOR a bailout that approximately 68% of Texas voters told her they didn’t want. KBH did NOT listen to the wishes of those that put her in office, an event that is happening all too often with far too many elected officials lately!

That’s all I need right there. If anyone is demanding any MORE proof or reasons, they are nothing more than a BLIND Hutchison supporter and a RINO lemming following the Washington Insider as she tries to bring her Socialist agenda and support for ILLEGALS back home to Texas!

Vote her out Texas, retire the old RINO. Rick Perry may not be perfect, but he’s NOT an insider in Washington and he’s NOT a socialist!

That’s good enough for me

Some strong language from TexasFred, but I think he sums up the frustration and anger out there about all the frivolous government spending. Kay thinks she can go around bragging about all the projects she has brought home for Texas, but people know that every project she brings to Texas means 10 wasteful museums or park statues in some other state... wasteful spending is still wasteful spending, and I think we are all just tired of the trillions in debt that all of that spending no matter the merit has produced...


  1. If TexasFred had a conservative bone in his body, he'd be backing Debra Medina, not the moderate Rick Perry.

  2. I like Medina and everything, but 1 she is not electable and 2 how is she not just a politician like everyone else making promises she can't keep? At least with Perry we know he will be conservative 95% of the time. Kay Hutchinson gives you a 50/50 shot at it. Medina might be 100 or she might be 75. We don't really know.

  3. Medina is a tool. She thinks 9/11 was an inside job and has appeared at secession rallies. She has marginalized herself by affiliating with Ron Paul. She doesn't understand the state economy, and she has helped Hutchison feed anti-death-penalty talking points to the liberals in the pas few weeks...

  4. Deb Medina is a less famous, less interesting Kinky Friedman.


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