Monday, November 9, 2009

Kay votes opposite Big John Cornyn yet again...

Kay once again bucked the bulk of senate Republicans and voted to approve a massive spending bill (link). Texas on the Potomac looks at it from a NASA angle (link). Excerpt follows...

Sen. John Cornyn, R-San Antonio, chairman of the GOP campaign committee working to win control of the Senate in 2010, voted against the spending.

Cornyn backs full funding for NASA, spokesman Kevin McLaughlin said.

But the overall $65.1 billion measure to provide funds for the Departments of Commerce, Justice and scientific agencies such as NASA increases federal funding by nearly 13 percent over last year.

That kind of increase "at this time is not fiscally responsible," McLaughlin says.

Kay just keeps voting for all of these appropriations bills. You might recall that the Club for Growth named names of "Republican Big Spenders" who have voted in favor of all of the spending bills so far... she was on that list (link). Kay keeps getting called out for being a big spending moderate... you would think she would vote against some of these bills that are going to pass anyway but she needs the bills so she can take credit for bringing home the bacon.

I think her insistence on voting for 13% increases in federal spending here, and 15% increases there shows how out of touch she is with the Republican primary electorate. If not for some fumbles by Rick over the years on vaccinating girls against cancer and a few other issues that have beaten like a dead horse and some anti incumbent fatigue that is out there he would probably be up by a lot more than the 12 points he currently leads Kay by... other than that one blog by Texas on the Potomac I have not seen any news coverage about Kay's vote on this one, so I think she may be off scot free...

Kay is definitely good at somehow not letting this series of big spending votes catch up with her... and Rick's team has not yet made the defining "Kay is a big spender" hit that sticks in the minds of voters... I think we will have to wait for television commercials to see that.

The commercials are probably not going to happen before the holidays if they have not happened yet... it is already more than a week into November. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Then Christmas and New Year's Day... my guess is that Rick and Kay both go up on television in January. We will all be sick of Rick and Kay advertisements by February. I think it will get nasty just before Valentine's Day which is also the start of early voting. Then it all goes silent in March.

After that the depleted winner will have to regroup and start calling on the donors to the loser to help fund the campaign against Kinky or Farouk or Hank or Tom... or whatever other sacrificial lamb the Democrats present...


  1. KBH is a RINO. She votes with the liberals all the time and nobody knows about it. I wish she would drop out and the race could come down to Rick Perry versus Debra Medina. Rick Perry is a good conservative most of the time, but competition is a good thing, and I don't mind seeing Medina get in there and keep him honest. The problem with her, though, is that she sometimes follows the lefty attacks against Perry just like Kay Bailey Hutchison does (see the Willingham situation) just to try to get some attention.

  2. I would beg to differ. Everyone knows about her liberal voting record. Or a lot of people do, at least. It is why she is losing.


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