Thursday, November 5, 2009

Entire Texas county switches from blue to red...

Rick was a Democrat for the first part of his life but became a Republican in the late 1980s before he ran for Agriculture Commissioner. Rick and Kay both won statewide office for the first time in 1990.

There is a county in East Texas that has been behind the curve somewhat but yesterday had nearly all of its elected officials switch over from Democrat to Republican (link)...

Austin - The Republican Party of Texas is pleased to welcome several Democratic officeholders who switched parties today and became Republicans. Today in Hardin County, seven Democrats announced that they are switching parties to become Republicans. The new Republicans include Sheriff Ed Cain, County Judge Billy Caraway and Precinct 4 Commissioner Bobby Franklin. And at noon Tuesday in Palo Pinto County, Precinct 5 Justice of the Peace Bobby Hart switched his party affiliation and became a Republican. Three other Palo Pinto County Democratic officeholders indicated a strong interest in switching parties. The Republican Party of Texas has been working to build Republican strength at the local level, by working with county parties, recruiting candidates for the GOP primary and by recruiting conservative Democrats to switch parties.

“The wave of Republican strength continues to build,” said Republican Party of Texas Chairman Cathie Adams. “Americans are simply fed up with the Washington Democrats’ failing leftwing policies and government power grabs. The elections in Virginia and New Jersey Tuesday prove that Republicans are gaining momentum as the voters tell Democrats 'Enough is enough!.' We welcome these newly minted Republicans and anyone else who will stand with us for more freedom, lower taxes and smaller government.”

There are more party switches to come, as more conservative Texas Democrats make the choice to become Republicans. Dozens of Democrats across Texas are known to be considering switching or are already in the process of doing so. There is no similar movement of Republican officeholders leaving the Party.

UPDATE: The full list of new Republicans includes:

County Judge Billy Caraway
Sheriff Ed Cain
County Attorney Rebecca Walton
Commissioner Bobby Franklin
Justice of the Peace Butch Cummings
Justice of the Peace Kent Walker
Constable Wayne McDaniel

One of them was quoted at today's event: "I didn't leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party left me."

This is a big scalp for Cathie Adams in her early part of her tenure...

Rick weighed in with a letter as well (link).

On behalf of my wife, Anita, and many other like-minded Texans, I am proud to personally welcome you to the Texas Republican Party. Texans have always been an independent lot, and I know that you have not come to this decision lightly.

Our state and nation are facing challenging times, and now more than ever, it is vital that elected officials stand up for their values and beliefs as you have so boldly done. By acknowledging that you no longer wish to be part of an increasingly liberal Democratic Party, you send a message to other Texans that the Republican Party will continue to lead our state because of its belief in personal liberty, fiscal restraint, and limited government.

I know that Texas voters will continue to support candidates who share and defend the values most important to them, and I look forward to working with you and other Republicans in the months and years to come to keep Texas strong and prosperous well into the future.

God bless you, and through you, may he continue to bless the great state of Texas. Sincerely,

Rick Perry

Governor of Texas

I didn't see Kay weigh in probably because it undercuts her message about the Republican Party of Texas suffering and shrinking and being in need of a bigger tent that only she and not Rick can provide...


  1. I wonder why the kids over at the leading Texas Democrat blog (Burnt Orange Report) haven't mentioned this mass defection at all?

  2. They probably won't mention it. In all fairness, I probably wouldn't mention it if an entire county switched from red to blue... unless I was making some point about how the Republican Party needs a swift kick to the pants.

  3. Hearing rumors that there may be another party switch from D to R in the Texas House of Representatives.


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