Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rick vs. Kay dividing and damaging party "for years to come"?

The liberal Houston Press makes a good point or two in this lengthy article about Rick and Kay (link). Excerpt follows...
"We now have two reasonably popular Republicans in a bloodbath with each other," publisher Kronberg says. "Everybody who is an active Republican understands the loser's supporters are going to be put into exile; they won't be able to play in politics anymore. So it's going to divide the fund-raising base, it's going to divide the supporter base and it's going to damage the party for years to come."
I think this is partially true, but I also have seen an emerging consensus in recent weeks behind Rick over Kay. People who were on the fence are beginning to choose sides in the hopes of really tearing the party apart in Texas. Look for some big Texas names to back Rick over the next two or three weeks to try to send Kay a signal to quit the race and focus on her job in the senate...

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