Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coverage of Rick calling Obama a socialist...

Kay used the "s" word recently to describe the health care debate, but she didn't really get any media out of it. Rick used the "s" word and it is everywhere... he said that Obama was hell bent on making America a socialist country.

It was obviously on all of the Midland media (link). It was on POLITICO. It was passed around on the Texas blogs (link)... It was on MSNBC (link). It was on national conservative blogs like Patterico's Pontifications (link). It was on Politics Daily (link). It was all over twitter... the liberal blogs scoffed at it (link). The conservative blogs cheered it. It was on Drudge.

Again Kay has said "socialist" in recent weeks. She has made some bold comments about Obama and the Democrats. Why did all of her rhetoric get buried and why did Rick's get more play?

I think part of it is that Rick spoke about tea parties, he spoke about socialism, and he spoke about Obama trying to punish Texas... this was a lot more all at once while Kay usually only drops one reference to socialism and then goes back to being non controversial...

This also gets back to my blog about why Rick is being considered for Texan of the Year and Kay is not (link). Rick is much more of a national figure than Kay, which also makes him more of a target of attacks from CNN and MSNBC... it is a double edged sword for Rick. The good gets amplified, but the bad also gets amplified. The more the national media think Rick is really running for president, the more heat he takes from them... Kay can skirt below the headlines mostly and remain above the fray and undamaged by the national media scrutiny...

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