Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Docs behind Rick...

With Obama Care stealing headlines across the nation Rick nabbed a great endorsement from the Texas Medical Association (link). Excerpt follows...
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Rick Perry's campaign hopes you follow your doctors advice and vote to re-elect him.

On Monday, the Texas Medical Association's political wing, TEXPAC, announced the group will support Governor Perry's campaign.

"We thank Governor Perry for his leadership and look forward to continuing to work with him shoulder to shoulder to improve the health of all Texans,” said William H. Fleming III, MD in a press release. Dr. Fleming III is the TMA's president.

In the release, Dr. Fleming cited Perry's support of medical tort reform as a major reason the TMA's 43,000 members would back Perry.

Rick also nailed down the Manufacturers and the Builders, two big business community endorsements that will send a signal to those who are on the fence about giving their money and support... not to mention the Realtors.

The word on the street is that Kay didn't care about the endorsements game very much but started worrying about it when Rick began racking up day after day of endorsements... Kay put a lot of pressure on these bigger groups thinking they were more important than all the other "minor" endorsements... apparently the TMA voted 30-1 for Rick. The Realtors were unanimous.

Sources of mine told me that Kay and her team met with all of these groups and called constantly... and that Rick was a lot more hands off about it... one of the stories I heard from a board member of one of the groups had Kay making not so veiled threats against the association...

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