Saturday, November 7, 2009

Playing the who is more conservative game...

Burka thinks Kay should stop trying to outconservative Rick (link). Excerpt follows...

It is futile for Hutchison to fight Perry for the “most-conservative” label. The more she does so, the less likely she is to attract the silent majority of GOP moderates who haven’t been voting in primary elections. This is why I think bringing in Dick Cheney to campaign for her could backfire. Cheney is too conservative. He favors torture. He favors spying on American citizens. He is one of the most sinister figures to share the American political stage in recent years. He’s anathema to moderates and especially to Democrats who might be tempted to cross over into the Republican primary.

If Hutchison persists in fighting Perry for the most-conservative label, she has no chance. She will alienate the very voters she needs to get to the polls, the suburban soccer mom types. They are mainstream conservatives, and so is she. But she seems afraid to be who she really is.

I don't think that Cheney is going to spend a whole lot of time traveling around Texas with Kay in prominent public venues... I bet he comes in for a brief spell and goes to some fund raisers...

I think Burka does make a good point though... Kay has to walk a fine line when it comes to reaching out to the conservative base of the Republican Party... she might end up alienating some of her moderate fans if she keeps trying to move to the right of Rick.

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