Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kay's supporters worried? Wayne Slater thinks so...

Wayne Slater seems to think that some of Kay's own supporters are worried about her campaign (link). Excerpt follows...
Supporters worry

The announcement came as a new poll said 60 percent of likely Republican primary voters wanted Hutchison to remain in the Senate while running for governor. The poll was the second in two weeks showing Perry with a double-digit lead.

At private meetings in recent weeks, Hutchison has asked her Republican financial supporters whether she should stay in office or quit to run full time against Perry. The response has been overwhelming for her to stay, according to those familiar with the meetings.

Some supporters inside the Hutchison camp are reportedly unhappy that her evolving answers about when she might resign made her look indecisive. Further, some supporters worry that the campaign has failed to develop a clear message to combat Perry's effective Washington-bashing.

The Perry campaign has been battering her for missing votes in Washington while simultaneously campaigning in Texas – and Perry served notice Friday that he intends to continue that theme.

"I hope the senator will do her job we elected her to do. That's pretty full time, but that's her call," Perry said. "Most Texans I talk to think she needs to stay up there and do the job she was elected to."

Kay was always in a catch 22 about resigning... delaying and changing her story became the issue, not the actual resignation itself...

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  1. I am a former supporter. I like her a lot personally, but I am on the Perry bandwagon after all of her dilly-dallying. He at least knows what he wants, where he is going, etc. She is running around aimlessly like a chicken with its head cut off.


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