Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kay's senate office...

Some constituents are not too happy with Kay's constituent services (link). Excerpt follows...

The months-long application process was a surprise to Benz and Stroud. So they wound up canceling the trip they had scheduled this year and began planning to go in 2010 instead.

The couple filled out their tour requests in February and sent them to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's office. They applied for tickets to tour the White House.

While they were at it, the couple also asked for tours of the Library of Congress, the Capitol, the Supreme Court Building, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

While those other sites still have public tours available to people willing to get up at the crack of dawn and be first in line, there are constituent tickets available through the congressional offices. Those aren't so easy to come by either. For instance, Hutchison's Web site warns that "congressional offices get only six spots daily to see the Supreme Court, making availability limited."


According to Hutchison spokeswoman Courtney Sanders, the Frisco couple's request was submitted to the White House a few weeks ago. "We're not allowed to put in a request sooner than six months," she said. "The important thing to note is that this is entirely run by the White House. We put in the request, but the White House has complete say."

No one else even knows how many future tickets will be available, she said. In fact, tours can even be canceled at the last minute if something comes up, such as a bill signing.

"Two weeks before the date, we're notified by the White House and they'll let us know if the request is approved and what the date and time will be," Sanders said. "I know it's tough for folks because they want to make their plans in advance, but that's the system they have to work in."

Benz said she could handle that information, it's just no one ever bothered to tell her until Problem Solver got involved. Someone from Hutchison's office called her soon after the newspaper did, she said.

"The lady I spoke with apologized and went on and on regarding how sorry she was for the poor communications from their office," she said. "Still, no real information on whether we have been approved for our tours."

Obama's White House is giving Kay's constituent services grief...

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