Thursday, November 19, 2009

Haley Barbour hoping Kay remains in the senate....

Haley Barbour endorsed Rick but he also did a favor for Rick in his official capacity as the chairman of the Republican Governors Association (link). Excerpt follows...

Given that this year's Republican Governors Association meeting is taking place here in Texas, reporters today asked RGA ChairmanHaley Barbour, the governor of Mississippi, to weigh in on the Rick Perry-vs.-Kay Bailey Hutchison GOP primary for Texas governor.

Barbour said that the RGA doesn't take sides in primaries, but that he was personally backing Perry. "I personally think Gov. Perry should be re-elected," he said.

And then he added this: "I hope Sen. Hutchison will stay in the United States Senate for the rest of my life."

Asked why he supported Perry over Hutchison, Barbour replied, "I thought he deserved re-election." He then went on to say: "I would hate to lose Kay Bailey in the Senate."

I think Barbour is reflecting what a lot of Republican party officials are thinking... why spend so much money on this battle when we could all devote our efforts to beating down liberals. The country is craving that right now. Internecine warfare is no good, but then again it could help bring new voters and new energy like the Obama vs. Hillary race did.

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