Monday, November 16, 2009

What they are saying about Kay's resignation...

From Kay's webpage (link). Excerpt follows...

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX): “I applaud Sen. Hutchison for once again putting Texas first and remaining in the Senate this year. Her experience and leadership will be critical as we continue to stand against the Democrats' out-of-control spending spree and government-run health care proposals.” (Richard Dunham, “Cornyn Statement On Hutchison Delaying Resignation,” Houston Chronicle’s “Texas on the Potomac” Blog,, 11/13/09)

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY):
“Throughout her career, Senator Hutchison has always put her state of Texas first. I applaud the decision Kay has made, and am proud to have her standing with me in the U.S. Senate in our fight against more spending, more debt, higher premiums, higher taxes and cutting seniors' Medicare in the Democrats' health care plan. Her experience and skill will prove invaluable during this difficult fight.” (Todd J. Gillman, “For Hutchison, Political Cover From GOP Senate Leaders Cornyn And McConnell,” The Dallas Morning News’ “Trail Blazers” Blog,, 11/13/09)

Former Senator Phil Gramm: “It is the right thing for Texas and America. … Having worked with Kay, I am confident that she can both protect us in Washington and run successfully for governor.” (Jay Root, “Hutchison Isn’t Resigning Before Primary,” The Associated Press, 11/13/09)

Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND President Kenneth Dierschke: “We applaud Senator Kay Bailey’s decision to retain her Senate seat until after the March primary. Putting the needs of Texans before the demands of her campaign for governor shows a commitment to do what is best for the Lone Star State. Important issues on the national stage such as health care and cap and trade legislation demand the experience and attention of our senior senator. The interests of Texans must continue to be represented in these important debates. We fully support the Senator’s decision. This kind of sacrifice is rare in today’s cutthroat political world. This strong dedication to do what is right for Texas is a reason she received the support of Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND. It’s what we expect from Kay Bailey Hutchison. It’s this kind of leadership we need for governor.” (Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND, “Statement By Kenneth Dierschke Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND President,” Press Release, 11/14/09)

State Representative Gary Elkins:
“I support Senator Hutchison’s decision to remain in the U.S. Senate to fight ObamaCare and cap-and-tax while campaigning for Governor of Texas. Her decision to put Texas FIRST should be applauded by all Texans.’” (Texas For Kay, “Statement From State Rep. Gary Elkins On Hutchison Announcement,” Press Release, 11/13/09)

State Representative Dan Branch: “State Rep. Dan Branch, R-Dallas, said the decision means the state will have two veteran Republican senators in the health care debate. He dismissed questions about whether she can effectively serve in the Senate and run for governor at the same time. ‘She, like other professional women, can multitask as well as men or better,’ Branch said. ‘There's a long history of senators running for higher office from the Senate,’ he said, noting that John McCain and Barack Obama ran for president while remaining in office.” (Wayne Slater, “Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison Won't Leave Seat For Texas Governor's Race Until After March Primaries,” The Dallas Morning News, 11/13/09)

Bloggers have not been quite as kind... the Alamo City Pundit is one example of that (link). Excerpt follows...
If Washington is a circus and and Congress is full of clowns, then Kay Bailey Hutchison is a juggler for sure.
Cheese Louise, Kay — why don’t you just tattoo “Big Double-Talking Washington Insider” on your forehead and get it over with already?

If you’re gonna quit, then quit like you said you would. If you’re not going to, thenjust let us know you’re not going to keep your promise.

The liberal blog Brains and Eggs had a funny observation while bashing both Kay and Rick (link). Excerpt follows...
Next Tuesday morning, you'll take your makeup out of the refridgerator, spackle your mug, hand your purse to one of the boys whose sole job is to carry it for you, adjust your wretched-looking coiffure, prance over to the Capitol, hope a TV reporter asks you for a comment, then hang out all day in your office waiting for something to happen, someone to call you. A purse boy will bring you a salad for lunch and you'll make a few phone calls to your lickspittles here -- just to be meddlesome and overbearing -- who are organizing the Dick event.

You'll get the post-event cash wrangle report by phone on your way home, have a martini and pass out at ten p.m. (Eastern time).

This is how you get Dick's help without having to pose for a picture with him. That, naturally, might help maintain the "Democratic cross-over vote" sham you hold as your last fading hope for defeating the worst governor in the history of the state of Texas.
I think Kay may have done an admirable thing here by resigning, but she might have thrown things into turmoil in terms of the down ballot races if she resigns in March... it is also hard to not see her decision as a cold hard politically calculated move based on her bad poll numbers even if she is trying to spin it as a selfless act of public service... had she made the announcement before the recent polls showing her down by 12 in the Texas Tribune and 11 in the Rasmussen she might have not seemed like she was making the decision from a position of weakness...

I think people are also skeptical because she was so seemingly sincere about resigning in 2009... if she is willing to step back and not resign does that also mean she is willing to step back and not file... or file but drop out?

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  1. She needs to stay. Palosi and Co must be stopped! I hope the American people will stop them at the voting booth...

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