Wednesday, November 11, 2009

POLITICO says Rick vs. Kay will be one of the top 10 national races in 2010...

POLITICO blogs a brief profile of the Rick vs. Kay race (link). Excerpt follows...

Texas Governor

All the best action in this race will take place in the bitter GOP primary, in which Gov. Rick Perry faces a challenge from Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

There is a deep reservoir of animosity between the two leading statewide Republicans, which means the race will be nasty, brutish and expensive.

Hutchison, one of the state’s most popular pols, has been slow out of the gate. And she hasn’t ever run a race quite like this one. Perry, on the other hand, is a veteran of smash-mouth contests, having won a 2002 campaign in which his Democratic opponent spent $67 million to his $28 million.

That is a good point that Rick's peeps often make... Rick has had more than 100 million dollars spent against him. Kay has had almost no money spent against her over the same time frame. Rick's been through fire. Kay might or might not have the requisite fire in her belly.

It is about to blow up... but probably in a sprint from January through the 2nd day of March...

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