Friday, November 20, 2009

Rick uses Jeopardy theme for negative radio ad...

Rick is playing hard ball right off the bat with Kay. Wayne Slater has the text of the ad but not the audio (link). Excerpt follows...

In the spot, an announcer says it's time to play Taxpayer Jeopardy and the contestant picks the category. The ad has two goals: One is to paint Hutchison as part of a spendthrift Washington. But the second goal is more subtle. Hutchison wants to frame her votes on federal earmarks in terms of popular Texas projects that she's helped bring to the state. Perry wants to counter that message by describing earmarks as part of the political process in which Washington politicians trade favors - I'll vote for your earmark if you vote for mine. Hence, the reference in the ad to the infamous bridge to nowhere. Here's the script:

Contestant: "I'll start with Washington D.C. bailouts for 300."

Announcer: "She voted for the 700 billion dollar Wall Street bailout just one
day after she told a group of Texas Taxpayers she was against it."

Contestant: "Who is Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison?"

Announcer: "Correct. Pick another category."

Contestant: "Wasteful pork for 500."

Announcer: "This U.S. senator voted to spend 223 million on the infamous bridge to nowhere in Alaska."

Contestant: "Who is Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison?"

Announcer: "Right again. Choose another category."

Contestant: "Obscene federal spending for 1000."

Announcer: "This senator campaigned on eliminating the deficit but has since voted for over 95% of all federal spending bills increasing our national debt to over $12 trillion."

Contestant: "Uh, who is Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison?"

Announcer: "You are correct. And here is your final question. She is the only Texas senator to have earned a pork barrel spender award three times from Citizens Against Government Waste."

Contestant: "Who is Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison?"
Announcer: "Congratulations, you win Taxpayer Jeopardy.

Contestant: "No, with so much wasteful spending by Kay Bailey Hutchison, we all lose."

Does anyone have the actual ad? If so, send it to me and I will blog it.

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