Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rick lashes out at feds for their plans to drop off illegals from nationwide in one spot in Texas...

Rick calling BS on a new federal plan (link). Excerpt follows...
Today marks the beginning start of a controversial program in Texas.

It's called the "Transfer and Exit Program,” and it moves more than 34,000 illegal aliens per year through Presidio.

Many people are against the program.

And Governor Rick Perry is urging the federal government to stop it.

In a letter sent to the US Department of Homeland Security, Perry said, "turning the Presidio area into a way station for illegal immigrants adds responsibility to local authorities and holds the potential of increasing the strain on local and state infrastructure and resources."

He goes on to say, "This plan will increase the likelihood that these individuals will immediately cross back into Texas, which is already bearing an uneven burden in dealing with immigration and border security issues along the Texas-Mexico border."

Last year 4,500 illegals were sent back through Presidio.

Now almost 100 illegals will be making a 10 to 12 hour journey by bus from Tucson, Arizona to Presidio every single day.

The Mexican government is reportedly prepared for the influx of aliens.

On the US side, border patrol is footing the bill for this new endeavor.
Presidio, Texas will be the drop off point for aliens all across the country... it seems like they will all try to get back in right there in Texas...

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