Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Looks like Kay will miss her own Cheney event... (UPDATED)


Kay has rescheduled her event for 6 PM... so if the Senate can get in and get its votes done earlier she will be able to vote and fly to Houston and have the event after the 5 PM news cycle but in time for the 10 PM news...

I have been told from some of my Washington sources that Senators are making at least two or three votes today in Washington, so it looks like Kay will be there and will miss her own event with Dick Cheney. Wayne Slater has the story (link). Excerpt follows...

Hutchison in D.C. as Cheney lends aid

12:00 AM CST on Tuesday, November 17, 2009

By WAYNE SLATER / The Dallas Morning News

AUSTIN – Kay Bailey Hutchison planned to showcase her endorsement by former Vice President Dick Cheney as a key campaign moment today – even if she's not there.

As if to underscore the problem of running for governor while serving in the Senate, Hutchison was faced with the prospects of a health care vote in the Senate the same day that Cheney will headline a campaign rally and fundraiser in Houston.

For Hutchison, opposition to Democratic-backed health care has emerged as an important campaign issue and potential platform to blunt Rick Perry's anti-Washington message.

While Perry has painted her unfavorably as part of the Washington problem, the Republican senator has been looking for ways to tell GOP primary voters that she's fighting for their interests in D.C. The health care debate offers just such a high-profile reminder.

Last week, Hutchison abandoned plans to resign from the Senate to run full time against Perry because, she said, the stakes were too high to quit. She singled out health care and carbon-emission legislation as too important for her to leave to an unseasoned replacement.

Whether Hutchison could delay or derail health care is not clear since Democrats control the Senate. But by making it a premier issue, she can be a high-profile voice of opposition.

Few events have been more important to her campaign than Cheney's endorsement. And while there were indications Monday that a Senate vote that would cause her to miss the Houston event would be delayed, her campaign won't risk that she would miss a major health care vote just days after making it such a big priority.

"If there's even a 10 percent chance" of a procedural vote in the Senate on Tuesday, "she won't get on the airplane" and fly to Texas to join Cheney, said campaign manager Terry Sullivan.

"In order to do her job 100 percent, she understood she would have to miss campaign events," said Sullivan.

Sullivan again raising that bar... he should be more measured with his words... as soon as Kay misses a single vote, even a procedural vote... she is not doing her job 100%. Why set that up with such a lob for a future attack?


  1. Not true. KBH will be at the rally. It is today at 6pm at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum, Houston Hobby Airport http://bit.ly/2iHCnb

  2. was this the same rally that drew 200???


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