Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Looking like another hiatus may be on its way...

Big apologies to all the loyal Rick vs. Kay readers out there. I know the summer hiatus took its toll on all of you... I know that it took a while for web traffic to rebound from that hiatus too....

It looks like I will be doing some travel with work and will not be able to blog as I would like to... there may even be a long term relocation on its way which will make it nearly impossible for me to keep this blog like I want it.

It is another big opportunity just like before so wish me well. I may get into it and realize I can still blog just as much as I do now. I won't really know right away, but I wanted to give my readers advanced notice about it so you can better cope with my possible absence and seek counseling now... j/k I am not quite that conceited.

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