Friday, November 13, 2009

Fear in the air... Kay won't resign her seat before the 2010 primary...

The Associated Press is reporting that Kay will announce she is not resigning before the March primary (link). Excerpt follows...
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is challenging Gov. Rick Perry in the Republican primary, plans to announce Saturday that she won't resign her Senate seat until after the March primaries are over.

Campaign officials provided The Associated Press a copy of her prepared speech to Republican women in Galveston on Saturday.

In it, Hutchison will say she is stepping down in 2010 regardless of who wins the Republican primary for govenor.

But she says there are too many important issues facing Congress for her to quit this fall as she had planned.

The senator says in the written speech that she "will be resigning this Senate seat" next year. "Make no mistake, this is going to happen," Hutchison plans to say.

Kay made a bad move announcing this on the day the Rasmussen poll showed her down by 11 points... it just seems like a move made out of fear.


  1. How is it out of fear of she says she is resigning either way?

  2. Who really believes she is going through with any of this at this point? Rick Perry is in her head. She knows she can't win. This is just the first step in her dropping out.


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