Thursday, November 12, 2009

"In Texas, success is spelled P-E-R-R-Y"

Not a headline you see every day (link).

A headline more conducive to the norm is this one about Rick not getting endorsements from members of Congress (link)...

Perry striking out with Texas congressional endorsements

Basically the Texas Congressional delegation is tired of being attacked as part of the problem...
Members are unhappy with a recent Perry fundraising letter that began: "Let’s be frank. Washington Republicans got us in this mess. They spent like Democrats and created a leadership vacuum that allowed the Democrats to take over Washington."
They don't like Rick lumping them all together. 10 of the 20 have endorsed Kay... the others will almost definitely all remain neutral... although I have seen evidence that at least two or three of them are helping Rick behind the scenes.

I wonder if the Ft. Worth newspaper will run a similar headline about Kay striking out with Texas association endorsements... Rick has gotten a few dozen of them including all the big ones so far except the Farm Bureau...

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