Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rick correctly calls Kay out for missing cloture vote...

A double whammy on Kay for missing votes (link). Excerpt follows...

Perry served notice that wasn't going to let the issue go. In an interview during a Republican governors meeting near Austin, Perry noted that Hutchison missed a procedural vote Tuesday - called cloture - aimed at blocking consideration of the appointment in the first place. Hutchison skipped that vote because she was in Houston for a campaign rally and fundraiser with Dick Cheney. Her vote wouldn't have made any difference, but Perry took the opportunity to ding Hutchison anyway:

"Look, missing votes is missing votes. And the people of the state of
Texas understand that if you're not at work on Thursday but you're there on Friday, you were absent. You weren't getting your vote done."

People don't like big bonuses, and they don't like their elected officials being lazy... this will keep being a gift that keeps on giving for Rick and his peeps unless Kay stops missing votes...

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