Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More on what people are saying about Kay's decision...

I blogged some of the reaction yesterday (link). There continue to weigh in... I think it is safe to say that there are some strong opinions out there.

Rick Dunham has a poll on Texas on the Potomac blog about the decision and thus far most people in the unscientific reader poll are glad she is staying in Washington (link)...

Talk radio host Robert Pratt asks what Kay is telling us (link). Excerpt follows...
Exactly who is supposed to conclude that Hutchison is serious about running for governor if her plan is to remain in D.C. for the bulk of the primary election season?
Good question. This is the main thing I hear out there. People think she is walking back from even running or maybe just hedging her bets. The timing of the move was terrible with the Rasmussen poll showing her down by 11 and the Texas Tribune poll showing her down by 12. It feeds that impulse that people have...

The liberals over at Burnt Orange think that Kay is in some trouble with the new schedule (link). Their blog is just oozing with disdain. Excerpt follows...

With her recent announcement that a resignation will not come before the March primary, Kay Bailey Hutchison hopes to balance

  1. successfully fending off healthcare reform by herself,
  2. following that up by destroying the idea of a Cap and Trade Bill, and
  3. topping it off with a win over Rick Perry in the the party that Rick Perry seems to control.

She has a lot on her plate, doesn't she? Well, she might, but that's obviously not challenging enough for someone like Kay Bailey Hutchison.


Weekends and long nights in the Senate, too? I'm sure you can pull it all off, Kay Bailey! You're great at time management, so I'm sure you'll still find your time to campaign for governor. You could probably beat Rick Perry and the Democrats' agenda with a hand tied behind your back and your eyes closed!

But that meanie Harkin guy really wants to test you now. So, Missy Hutchison, show us what you're made of!

I think the dust is still settling... the final effect of Kay's decision is not yet felt.

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