Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rick makes good on his bet with Bobby Jindal...

During the College World Series Rick made a bet with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for food. If LSU won Bobby would have to send some Louisiana food... maybe sea food or something... to Texas. If Texas won, Rick would have to send meat to Louisiana.

Rick apparently made good on the bet back in August (link). Excerpt follows...
Friday’s reception marked the second time Jindal played host to an LSU baseball event since the Tigers defeated Texas in June to claim the College World Series title.

In August, Mainieri, outfielder Blake Dean and pitcher Anthony Ranaudo joined members of the Louisiana National Guard in feasting on barbeque sent from Texas by Gov. Rick Perry.

Perry shipped the barbeque to Louisiana as a congratulatory gesture after LSU prevailed over the Longhorns in the CWS Finals.

There had been some controversy a few months back about whether Rick was Welching on the bet since nobody heard any follow up... I guess the food was sent and eaten without a whole lot of public fanfare...

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