Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This has to be the wrong person quoted right?

Kay is quoted by National Review in a very strange quote... this can't be right... (link). Excerpt follows...
4. Abortion. After the Stupak amendment split the House Democratic caucus, Senate Republicans predict a similar fight among Democrats in the Senate. “The Democrats need 60 votes,” says Cornyn. “The Conference of Catholic Bishops helped to push the House bill along, but on abortion, the bill is only as good as the final product.” If the Stupak amendment gets stripped out in the Senate, “watch for some cold feet in the conference,” he says. “If they water this down, it will be a lynchpin issue.”

The Stupak amendment is “right on,” adds Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R., Tex.). “I hope the Senate keeps that amendment to keep Democrats like Senator Casey from Pennsylvania comfortable with the bill,” and perhaps, others uncomfortable.
Kay is saying she hopes the senate keeps the Stupak amendment so Democrats like pro life Senator Casey from Pennsylvania are comfortable with the bill... so she is hoping the bill passes? I don't get it. Why would she care about Senator Casey being comfortable with the bill? No wonder the National Review writer added that line about perhaps others being uncomfortable too...

That cannot have been Kay, right? Or she had to have been misquoted. Please. Someone.

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  1. KBH is a RINO! That is what she is all about.


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