Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No apostrophes in Kay's new Washington Times op ed...

Kay has an op ed in the Washington Times about the big tent and how to bring new people into the Republican Party (link). Excerpt follows...

Let us start with education, which always has been and always will be a reliable predictor of opportunity. There are exceptions, but on the whole, a person can expect greater professional and financial success if he or she has an education. There are first- and even second-generation American families, many of them ethnic minorities, who work tirelessly in family-run businesses or other jobs to make sure that, when the time comes, they can afford to put their children through college. There are parents working two jobs to provide for their families so their children wont have the same challenges and struggles they faced. But if they are living in areas with crime-ridden, poorly performing schools, the odds will be stacked against those children, despite their parents efforts.

We are not meeting these families needs. And it isnt fair that, for all their hard work, their children will still be disadvantaged. We must restore local autonomy to our nations public schools and focus on both the foundational basics, such as English grammar and math, while also providing our students the technological edge that is critical in the 21st century.

What is the deal with the Washington Times and no apostrophes? What is odd about this is that there is at least one other apostrophe in this story, and plenty of them in other stories on the Washington Times website... yet those in red are absent. Did the webmaster just forget to add them?

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