Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rick for Texan of the year? Why not Kay?

The Dallas Morning News gives out a Texan of the year award sort of like TIME magazine does... William McKenzie lays out the good and bad but says that Rick deserves the award (link). Excerpt follows...

Love him or hate him – and trust me, there are plenty of Texans in each camp – you can't ignore Rick Perry. Our governor's domination of the 2009 news cycle makes him my nominee for this newspaper's Texan of the Year award.

The Republican played a principled role in the Legislature on education issues. He exploded onto the national scene with a George Wallace-like rant about states' rights and hints about Texas seceding. And he has dominated the popular Sen. Kay Hutchison in their battle to become the next GOP gubernatorial nominee.

Oh, and The Wall Street Journal opinion section recently offered a glowing profile, and he's big on the right-wing TV and radio circuit. And did I mention the part about him putting his mark all over state agencies and universities?

You want trailblazing? Independence? Uncommon impact? Perry will give it to you, even if you don't like the trails he's blazing.

I often don't, but our Texan of the Year isn't a popularity contest. It's hard to think of another figure who has put such a stamp on Texas this year.

So why not Kay? Probably because she does not really do things of consequence. She does not do things boldly... she does not make news for her comments unless she is waffling again on when or if she may or may not resign...

I think Rick does win this award if it is all about putting a stamp on Texas. Who else would win it... Tony Romo or Jerry Jones? No. Mack Brown? Maybe but only if he wins a national title at which point it will be too late for the Dallas Morning News award. A businessman? Nah. What about Kimberley Munley? I guess that could work. She was the officer who was wounded shooting the terrorist who shot up Ft. Hood. I would say Joe Straus for a political figure but he was more a manifestation of 2008 trends than 2009 countertrends and was not a very consequential leader. Lance Armstrong didn't win the Tour so no. Sully Sullenberger was the pilot who crash landed the plane into the Hudson safely... he is a Texan...

If they go with a category of people I think the tea party protest attendee would be a good one...

This is a good year for a cop out... just pick some category of people rather than a real person.

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