Monday, November 9, 2009

Still seeking the motive for Kay's run...

William Murchison profiles the Rick vs. Kay race in the American Spectator and asks the important question about why Kay would be introducing a serious cleavage into the GOP at a time when unity might help in defeating the Obama agenda (link). Excerpt follows...

What's this thing about, then, the senator's bid to oust Perry, who became governor when George W. Bush resigned to seek the White House?

She sees the coming four years as her turn to be governor: that's what it appears to be about. I'm sorry, to tell the truth, that she sees it that way, because, under other circumstances, she might be an effective and efficient governor. We don't live under those circumstances. The Hutchison candidacy -- let me put it this way -- has potential to rip the Republican Party in twain and restore Texas to at least partial Democratic control. Anyway the Democrats sure hope so.

I think this might be overstating it somewhat... just look at the party switching from D to R... just look at the energy on the Republican side...

I think a lot of people are looking at this race and wondering why we need the blood shed... do we need the blood shed? Is this race going to accomplish anything of meaning?

This is very unscientific, but the latest numbers in the Texas on the Potomac blog show that there is not a whole lot of energy behind her campaign (link)...


  1. This is a stupid "poll" that proves nothing and clearly doesn't reflect the way the state views her. What kind of "unbiased" blogger would even post this nonsense?

  2. that's right, every poll that doesn't show KBH winning is 'stupid'

    if you tell her tha enough, she'll keep you on payroll, right? she might even think twice next time she considers launching a blunt object in your direction. you can't 'stop the blogs,' no matter how much she demands it from staff....

  3. I am not unbiased. I was undecided on this race when I started this experiment in citizen journalism, but I endorsed Rick after having far too many "last straw" moments with Kay.


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