Monday, November 16, 2009

Now for some issues... education...

Robert Scott is the commission of education in Texas, and he is an appointee of Rick... he made waves recently by overriding legislative decisions on charter schools (link). Excerpt follows...

Charter school cap? What cap?

Rebuffed by the Legislature last session in his attempt to raise the state cap on the number of charter schools (now set at 215), state Education Commissioner Robert Scott then took a closer reading of the law — and found a way to add scores of new charter schools, with or without legislative blessing.

His strategy is twofold. First, he plans to grant high-performing charters carte blanche to add schools under their existing agreements, without even asking his agency. Second, Scott will request that charter operators who currently hold multiple charters — one for each school — return them to the state in exchange for a single charter governing all their schools. That’s key: It will allow him to grant charters to new entrants into the market. He believes he can recapture 15 to 20 charters this way — enough to promote years of expansion.

Rick is getting points from the TPPF crowd for decisions like this, but it seems like this campaign between Rick and Kay may not focus too much on issues this nuanced. I have nothing to back this up but I think Kay might have a slight edge among voters who are focused on education as their top issue. Does that mean Kay should focus more on education, or does that just give Rick a chance to explain his education policies?

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