Sunday, November 8, 2009

Texas Tribune profiles Matt Mackowiak...

Matt Mackowiak has made quite a name for himself, and I can't say it has all been good. The Texas Tribune covers the train wreck and the backlash (link). Excerpt follows...

Matt Mackowiak left his job as press secretary for U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison on April Fool's Day. That means he can call a do-over, right?

“I wanted to take a risk,” he says. “In the downturned economy, I saw an opportunity to build a business and become a political consultant. I also wanted to get involved in the pundit side of things. Op-eds with my own name on them and TV and radio.”

Matt has seen a lot of backlash for his over eager tactics and methods of getting face time. As a self promoter he seems like he is doing a good job, but the question remains about how he is earning a living by providing so much free content for newspapers, radio stations, and television programs.

The Texas Tribune article brings up some interesting points. Matt has ruffled some feathers and annoyed some people quite a bit, including Michael Quinn Sullivan, the Grover Norquist of Texas... Kay's campaign has to be looking at that and wondering why he is antagonizing would be and should be allies... people Kay would want on her team.

What can they really do other than hire him and get him under control, disown him publicly and prominently, or just let him continue. I think the benefits of having Mackowiak constantly out there touting Kay over Rick may outweigh the negatives, but in all reality the negatives are a lot higher than they should be.

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  1. Interesting question offered in the "profile:" given this guy's total client base of zero, how does he afford cost of living in DC and make these embarassing trips across the nation to put our Republican party back 5 or 10 years every time he's quoted?


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