Thursday, November 19, 2009

Twists ahead in Rick vs. Kay...

Gardner Selby has some thoughts on the governor's race (link). Excerpt follows...

But here's something known: Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison won't quit her U.S. Senate seat until after the Democratic-majority Congress acts, probably next year, on health care and climate-change legislation.

That's what she revealed last week — for once not airing her resignation thoughts solely on a radio show.

Early next month, look for her to submit the paperwork needed to appear on the March GOP primary ballot.

Why then? She needs to dispel doubts about her commitment to challenging Gov. Rick Perry, against whom she chose not to run in 2002 and 2006. The move also will give her an excuse to launch TV ads before end-of-year holidays divert attention from politics.

Some in Perry's camp think her latest resignation update unsettled supporters who've long waited for her to focus on the race.

Hutchison advisers, including Jim Francis of Dallas and John Nau of Houston, insist Hutchison staying in the Senate reflects both her courage and home-state loyalty. Besides, Francis said, "if she left the Senate on the eve of one of the great political fights of the century, Republican primary voters would not have appreciated it."

Interesting... we'll see what happens. I think Kay can save hassle by just filing early in December, but she might be wanting to wait and see how the latest polls and money totals are looking in January before making the decision...

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