Friday, November 20, 2009

Rick is a "tweet head"

Several months ago Rick sent a tweet to a reporter telling her he was a "tweet head." Rick has been showing off his toy to his fellow Republican governors this week (link). Excerpt follows...

Texas Gov. Rick Perry tweeted Thursday that he was busted using Twitter by a fellow state executive duing a speech Republican Governors Association (RGA).

Perry said that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal caught him tweeting during his remarks at the conference being held in Austin, Texas this week.

Perry tweeted some effusive praise for the potential 2012 presidential candidate in exchange for placing his attention elsewhere during the speech:

Bobbie [sic] Jindal just busted me for tweeting his remarks at our lunch @ RGA...he is a star in a galaxy of talent in the governor's universe!!

Wow was Rick drinking? Maybe just too much coffee? Or a nicotine patch? That is some effusive praise all right...

Rick is definitely using twitter tools well... but is anyone reading twitter? Compared to radio and television, is twitter making a dent?

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  1. Yeah, I think Bobby Jindal is cool and all that... but Rick Perry is far better in every way! Sorry Mr. Jindal but second place isn't bad when first place is Rick Perry... it's practically first place in that situation ;)


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