Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rumors confirmed about Kay's campaign shake up...

I was hearing hot and heavy rumors yesterday about a big shake up at Kay's campaign, but I didn't blog them because I couldn't get any confirmation from more than one source...

It turns out that particular source was once again correct. Wayne Slater is reporting it today, so I think it is fine to repeat it here (link). Excerpt follows...

The Hutchison campaign has struggled in recent months. It has had trouble defining a clear campaign narrative to counter Perry's "I'm Texas, she's Washington" message. Recent polls give Perry a double-digit lead.

The campaign continues to shuffle its staff. On Monday, general consultant Todd Olsen said he was taking a leave of absence to head up fundraising for Associated Republicans of Texas, a political action group that helps elect GOP candidates to the Texas House.

Some Hutchison supporters have expressed alarm at the direction of the campaign and have urged her to define herself more clearly to voters.

According to those close to the campaign, political operatives have considered trying to shake up the race by airing television commercials this year. The downside is that such an effort would cost millions, and Perry would probably follow suit with his own round of TV spots aimed at neutralizing Hutchison.

The health care debate is likely to continue into next year, and Hutchison says she will stay in office through the March GOP primary to deal with the issue.

As such, Hutchison will probably appear on network and cable television shows as a high-profile critic of the Democratic plan – perhaps even raising the possibility of a filibuster that would attract wide media attention.

Perry will chide Hutchison for missing votes in Washington while campaigning in Texas. For Hutchison, the message will be there's too much at stake for people in Texas – especially Republican primary voters who don't like the Democratic health care plan – to leave the fight in Washington right now.

I think Kay needed to shake things up, but I am not sure what the solution to her problems is... television might help somewhat. A huge policy promise about eliminating all taxes. I am just not sure she can make up ground without serious mud flinging... which would inevitably fling back and damage her...

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