Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Advice to Kay... just shut up.

Kay just keeps digging this hole she is in on accepting or not accepting stimulus money (link). Excerpts follow...

Nothing better encapsulates our leadership problems in Austin than Gov. Rick Perry's refusal to accept $550 million from the federal government for unemployment assistance.

To make a political statement, Perry instead turned a huge and unnecessary debt over to the state's employers, including small business owners, during a tough economic climate.

There's no doubt the fight he picked with Washington was positive politically for the governor. It got him on TV. And talk radio. And it started him hinting about secession from the union, leaving most Texans and most Americans scratching their heads.

But was all this show business good for Texas?

Which prompted an influential conservative think tank chieftain to retort that Kay is doing a big government re-write (link)...

Perhaps after 16 years our senator has spent too much time listening to the arguments of the grow-government left in the District of Columbia.

It would have been irresponsible to take those federal UI dollars. Frankly, it represents a lack of leadership to have voted against in the Senate what she now demands Texas to have accepted. And it is always poor judgment to cede the state's clear authority over such matters to Washington, and certainly to the Obama Administration.

As one who has long admired Sen. Hutchison, her original silence on matters concerning the state was far preferable to this sudden cheerleading for what is clearly the most fiscally irresponsible position.

Kay, please, stop flogging this issue. You are just making a complete arse of yourself now. You are on the side of Jim Dunnam, Obama, and liberal newspaper writers. Rick is on the side of the tea parties, all the pro business groups, the legislature, and all the conservative think tanks.

Move on to something else, Kay. The more you criticize Rick on this issue, the more you drive fiscal conservatives away from you. You are losing any chance of earning my vote... we all debated this issue passionately in March, and we came to this conclusion. At the time you sort of agreed but sort of did not agree... who really knows.

Your Monday morning quarterbacking is not doing anyone any good... especially yourself.

My advice... Kay... just shut up!


  1. I totally agree. KBH is the dragon lady.

  2. Finally this site says something everyone can agree with. I guess the word that Todd Olsen runs this site and that he's on his way out as well with Terry "Palin Hater" Sullivan has his own mail shop means that Todd's site no cuts against the hand (KBH) that was feeding it.

  3. HERE HERE! I thought you were going pro-KBH on us, and then you drop this bomb. You said what we are all thinking. SHUT UP is right.


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