Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another op ed by Kay, where is Rick?

Kay's team may have issues, as Burka and others have claimed... but they are destroying Rick's team when it comes to op ed placement. Kay has another one on Obamacare and hospitals (link). Excerpt follows...

An intense debate on how to reform our health care system is unfolding in the nation's Capitol. It is important that all American patients be aware of the devastating impact the proposed reforms could have on hospital systems throughout our state for both rural and big city hospitals.

Imagine a patient goes to the hospital for surgery to have a stent placed in his heart. Once there, he is told that the surgery will not occur unless he first donates a kidney. As shocking as this scenario is, it is not unlike the position many American hospitals will be placed in if the Obama Administration has its way.

Kay seems to have another op ed in the papers just about every week... sometimes more often... these days... when is the last time Rick had an op ed published?

Kay's team is taking Rick's guys behind the wood shed on op ed writing and placement.

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