Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kay's former spokesman gets whole article in the paper...

The intrepid Gardner Selby ran a commentary on Matt Mackowiak earlier this week (link). Excerpt follows...
Could it be that Kay Bailey Hutchison's spunkiest cheerleader — a frequent tweeter, TV/radio commentator and guest newspaper columnist — is the same guy who bewildered reporters as the U.S. senator's balky press secretary for nearly two years?

You bet — and Matt Mackowiak likewise irritates some folks loyal to Gov. Rick Perry who dismiss him as an irrelevant clown.

Maybe so. Yet Mackowiak also seems the kind of sideline provocateur vital to fanning voter interest.

The 29-year-old University of Texas graduate recently decided to build a political communications business in Washington and Austin.

He hopes to thrive should Hutchison best Perry, who's led recent polls.

"There's going to be a huge sea change," he said.

Naturally, a Hutchison victory in the March Republican primary would sideline Perry.

Mackowiak suggests it also could derail players who've profited on Perry's watch.

He floated three examples: lobbyist Mike Toomey, formerly Perry's chief of staff; political consultant Ted Delisi, whose wife, Deirdre, leads the Texas Transportation Commission; and Ray Sullivan, Perry's latest chief of staff (he once worked for Hutchison).
Picking fights with Ted Delisi and Ray Sullivan I can sort of understand because what are they honestly going to do, no offense to them, but if Matt is looking for Austin work he really shouldn't go out of his way to provoke Mike the knife.

Why antagonize anyone really? What does that really accomplish?

Gardner's article has very hinted undertones to it... I think he is trying to editorialize in a passive aggressive way... lots of hints about his true feelings.

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