Monday, July 13, 2009

Kay announcing when she is going to announce...

Take it for what it is worth, but the liberal and cynical Dallas Observer says Kay is announcing when she is going to announce (link)...
Kay Bailey Hutchison's Coming Home Today to Announce When She's Going to Announce

That's what her campaign communications director, Hans Klingler, just told Unfair Park: U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's going to be at Dallas County Republican Party HQ on N. Central Expressway to "announce when she's going to announce" her run for Texas governor. That's just a brief peek at her remarks, which she'll deliver at 2 p.m. today, as Hutchison comes home to also offer campaign supporters a look at the amount of dough she's raised thus far as she vies for Rick Perry's job. Perry yesterday announced he'd raised $4.2 million during just nine days in June.

As for when Hutchison's expected to officially announce her candidacy -- she filed papers to establish an exploratory committee back in Decmeber -- well, Klingler, who used to work for Perry, gives us some idea: "She's going to talk about the next four, six weeks and how things will unfold." Meanwhile, Texas Monthly's Paul Burka says Kay Bailey had better hop to: "Hutchison is running the worst campaign imaginable."
Sounds like some news will be made this afternoon.

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