Monday, July 13, 2009

Keith Olbermann is the worst person in the world.

Of all the media blowhards on the left and right, Keith Olbermann is probably the worst in all of the world.

Olbermann has to be one of the sloppiest reporters in the world. He just gets it factually wrong almost every time I watch. Basic facts, misreported.

Earlier this year he named Rick the worst person in the world for taking stimulus dollars for the governor's mansion. The only problem... Rick did not take stimulus dollars to rebuild the burned down mansion. From what I hear, Rick went out of his way to instruct his staff yell at the legislators who tried to slip that in the budget in the first place. So... that was a false reasoning for Keith Olbermann's worst person in the world award.

Olbermann also named Rick the worst person in the world along with Mark Sanford earlier this year for doing a Republican Governors Association conference call together. He named Rick the worst person two or three other times as well. Rick has become Olbermann's new Bush or Cheney. The weird thing is that Olbermann keeps getting his basic facts wrong.

Friday night Olbermann named Rick the worst person in the world yet again under false pretenses...

Olbermann's reasoning was that Rick was considering appointing Cynthia Dunbar as the chair of the State Board of Education in Texas. This worst person segment aired Friday night.

To paraphrase what they used to say back in my day when Saturday Night Live was still good... Keith you ignorant slut...

Gail Lowe... not Cynthia Dunbar... was appointed early Friday morning (link)... Excerpt follows...
Lowe, who is also a conservative, thinks she was selected by Perry because she writes headlines instead of making them. Her district includes all or parts of 26 counties in central and north central Texas including Denton, Hood and Wise.

"I’m a little bit more of a background person than others," she said. "I’m not upfront. I choose my words carefully and don’t speak an awful lot."

She said she is honored by the appointment and will do her best. "There are a number of our members I think would have made excellent leaders," she said, "but I’m probably freeing up others who are more vocal, to continue to do what they do."

"I think Cynthia [Dunbar] would’ve done a good job as chair, but she’s such an outspoken person that I think she would’ve been a lightning rod," Lowe said. "I’m sure I will get that kind of scrutiny, too. I’m not naive."

Lowe’s youngest child is still in public school, and she served as a Lampasas school district trustee and classroom volunteer before being elected to the state board seven years ago.

"My emphasis has always been on academic achievement, and that’s what I will continue to pursue," Lowe said.
Lowe is a really solid pick. For my expanding pool of readers from outside of Texas, here is how the process works...

The State Board of Education (SBOE) is all elected by district. There are 15 of them. The Texas governor then has to pick one of them to chair the SBOE. He can't pick just anyone off the street. He is limited to those 15 people.

There are a few liberals and several conservatives on the SBOE. A minority of Democrats in the Texas Senate blocked the confirmation of conservative Don McElroy. That is why Rick had to appoint someone else.

Was he going to pick one of the liberals? Obviously not. That basically left Rick with a handful of choices. Gail Lowe was a great pick. She is conservative but not known by education activists as an outspoken bomb thrower like Cynthia Dunbar... the only opposition to her right now is from people who are obviously confusing the two.

Back to Olbermann... Rick's pick of Gail Lowe was public early Friday morning. Late Friday evening Keith Olbermann bashed Rick over Cynthia Dunbar. Half a day later...

How does that make Keith Olbermann anything but an irresponsible liberal operative? Olbermann yet again owes Rick an apology. Will he give it to him... no. He will just wait a few weeks before naming Rick the worst person in the world again for some other made up reason.

And every time he does that Rick's poll numbers will go up by another percentage point, all while Kay's peeps continue fumbling over what to do.

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