Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Statesman nails it for once...



Or don't run.

Just pick.

Are you our senator, or are you campaigning for governor? You have now officially missed too many votes... and not been in the trenches with Big John Cornyn and other conservatives... you have now lost the right to try to keep doing both.

The Statesman says it well (link)...

And here's something we think is a good idea for Texans: We need two full-time senators in Washington.

We believe candidate Hutchison should resign her current post when the Senate returns to full-time work after the summer recess.

It's never a good time for Texans to have a distracted senator in Washington. And this is a particularly bad time for it.

Though a resignation would hand Perry the power to appoint her interim replacement to serve until a special election, Hutchison would go a long way toward showing she has Texans' interests at heart by acknowledging that she can't do the Senate job justice while running for governor.

I don't necessarily want to see her resign but her latest missed vote this week and her disappearing act on Sotomayor have convinced me that she is truly in campaign mode and not doing her job in Washington.

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