Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rick and Kay both using social media...

News 8 Austin tells the story (link)... excerpt follows...
In the state's biggest race, social media is the biggest tool.

"People are so closely watching this race and what each of the camps do," Hans Klingler, with Texans for Kay, said. "This is a great way for us to be able to utilize this medium."

This week, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison will release key facts and statistics about her race for governor, exclusively through social media. Gov. Rick Perry's campaign is also Twittering and Facebooking almost by the hour.
"How his strategy plays out, we're going to leave that up to him, but we have a strategy up until March, and we're going to use this medium every chance we get," Klingler said.
There is also a video on that link worth watching.

I wonder why Rick's people declined to be involved in this story... I doubt Catie Beck would have overlooked Rick's side of the story especially considering the disparity betwixt the two camps.

One of Rick's peeps... I think so at least... shot an email to rickvskay and pointed out that Kay's spokesman basically admitted defeat by saying they are using it only through March... which means they don't expect to win and actually need social media afterward. Very different world views.

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