Monday, July 20, 2009

Interesting predictions from Travis Monitor...

The blog titled The Travis Monitor is written by "Editors and contributors: Patrick McGuinness, Carl Schlaepfer, Randy Samuelson, Bob Ward, and others."

They have some predictions affiliated with the Rick vs. Kay race (link). Excerpt follows...
I usually don't make predictions, but here are some fearless predictions:

1. The observation that Gov Perry has 13,000 twitter followers while Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is not even on twitter is one of many reasons to think Governor Perry will be a survivor. He's fighting like one. KBH is fighting like its still 1993. Big mistake. Governor Rick Perry will defeat KBH in the Republican primary.

2. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison will see the writing on the wall by December so she will NOT decide to vacate her senate seat, but play it safe. Lose the primary means she will ride it out until 2012, and no Senate race after all and a more boring 2010 election cycle. Dewhurst and Abbott will stay put. The Republicans will have an incumbent slate and sweep the board at the Texas state level, enjoying a bounce from 2008 as the Democrats nationally take a beating with voter Obama fatigue.
Kay might stay in the race but not resign her senate seat? I guess so, but she is going to have to figure out a way to stop missing votes up there, because those are going to be trouble. "She can't do the job we hired her to do, and now she wants us to give her another job?" will be the mantra.

I think Kay is able to campaign plenty in Texas while in the senate. I think she is all in for the governor's race, and if she loses she loses. Keeping that seat would be a nice back up though.

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