Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kay running for president? nah....

One rumor I have heard is that Rick and Kay are both running because they want to be president. I don't buy it. Rick hates Washington too much, and Kay is probably looking at getting out of Washington and toward a more relaxing life in Texas.

Chris Cillizza sez no to Kay being the first woman president (link).

A quick glance at the roster of women currently serving in the Senate or as governor -- the ranks from which presidential candidates typically emerge -- turns up 17 senators and six governors.

Of that group, just one -- Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) -- has ever been seriously mentioned as a national candidate. But, Hutchison seems set on returning to the Lone Star State full time with her 2010 primary challenge to Gov. Rick Perry (R). If she wins that race, Hutchison would theoretically be in position to run but she would be 69 years old on election day 2012 and putting together a national campaign would be hard to imagine.

I don't think a woman's age is as big of a deal as it is for men. McCain was too old in 2008, and although Kay would be nearly McCain's age by 2012, women just age better than men. Kay is still in pretty good shape and doesn't show any signs of slowing her down due to her age.

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