Friday, July 3, 2009

Meaningless online polls...

Last week Bill Hammond and TAB put up a meaningless online poll as an obvious ploy to get hits on their website and gain followers on twitter. A brilliant but blatantly obvious idea. Rick ended up winning, which proves about as much as the recent internet poll showing Debra Medina winning and Rick down at 12% and Kay down at 3% (link).

People can sit around on their computer voting all day in these polls, so they are not a good way to look at public opinion. It just means Debra or Rick have more hardcore supporters. If Medina appeared in the TAB poll she probably would have won it too...
On the other hand... this does fit closely to Rick's recent lead in the polls, and Kay's team did email a link to this poll during the time it was open while I did not see anything from Rick's peeps about it until after it was over... maybe on facebook??

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  1. Todd, you "forgot" to mention the KBH's team had sent out an urgent email to thier supporter to jam the TAB poll. and they still lost.


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