Thursday, July 16, 2009

Money reports.

Yesterday was finance reporting day. Ho hum.

Kay stole some of Rick's supporters. Rick stole some of Kay's supporters. That is going to happen in primaries where a lot of the supporters overlap anyway. Both had a lot of big contributors who gave them large checks. Kay spent 800 or 900 thousand more dollars than Rick did in the first six months of 2009... I guess due to a bigger staff and a lot more costs associated with fundraising events which Rick was not allowed to do... maybe more mail too. I know I got Kay's mail pieces, so they were casting a wide net. Kay had 6 full months... more than 180 days... raised money from more than 6500 people in most of the counties in Texas. Rick had 9 days, raised money from more than 1000 people. Rick announced 450 thousand online, Kay did not say how much she raised online other than to say they had 1000 online donors.

I was more interested in the numbers from the Democrats. Schieffer raised 800 thousand. Kirk Watson raised far more. Most of the Republicans running for Kay's seat did terribly, which is to be expected with so many people in the race splitting the money apart.

Bill White did pretty well which should give you pause if you are Republican.

Not all that much excitement for a day that is usually a lot more newsworthy. All the juicy numbers came out last week and on Monday.

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