Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Transcript from Kay's appearance on Mark Davis show...

A tipster sends in this via email with an audio clip I can't get to play...

Davis: What are your thoughts on when and whether to step down from the Senate and devote one hundred percent to the Texas Governor’s race?

Kay: Well I am trying to do everything that I can while I am in office to responsibly serve as a Senator. But it is hard because my heart is in Texas. There are so many things that I think we have not done in Texas that we need to do. I think we need new leadership in Texas, so I am trying to determine when is the time when I have done everything I can do to stop this healthcare takeover, cap and trade which is the next thing coming down that I think is going to be so bad for Texas. I am trying to finish those things in a responsible way and then I am coming home to try to give leadership to Texas.

Davis: Is there no possibility because you don’t have to step down to run-- but you surely will at some point-- there no possibility that you will remain a Senator while running for Governor throughout?

Kay: I just can’t – as long as Governor Perry stays in the race.

Davis: (mocking laugh)

Kay: I had hoped that he wouldn’t. You know, no one expected him to run again. And I thought, you know I stepped back last time, Mark. I tried to give him a, really a free ride with no primary because I thought it was right for Texas. But, for him to try to stay on for 15 years is too long.

Davis: So you’ll be coming out at some point. When do you think its decision time for you? When would you like when might we know?

Kay: I’m going to announce in August. Formal announcement I am in. Then the actual leaving of the Senate will be sometime – October/November – that-- in that time frame.

I guess that makes it official?

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