Friday, July 31, 2009

Kay has crossed a major line, gone dirty against Rick.

Kay and her new A team campaign staff are off to a poor start. They really owe Rick a big apology about this, but instead they issue statements trying to make it sound like hundreds of thousands of Texans are searching "Rick Perry gay."

Some experts on Search Engine Optimization give Kay some free advice (link). Excerpt follows...

Hidden text is also frustrating for the users you’re trying to attract and may cause them to get irritated at your site and leave. Let’s say, for instance, the site does indeed rank for “what is a keg”, as it apparently is trying to do. What exactly do they expect searchers who reach the site to do? The site doesn’t actually answer the question of what a keg is. Do they think that all these keg definition-seekers are going to get distracted and decide to abandon their beer research efforts and become political activists?What other searches are they apparently targeting?

  • texas bbq pit texas smokehouse
  • chicken fried steak recipe
  • debachary [sic] definition
  • gambling addiction
  • houston rockets
  • why do we have knees

Why do we have knees?!!!

It is one thing to do this, but calling Rick Perry gay? That crosses every line of campaigning...

Kay was supposed to be the friendly candidate with a smile in this race. It was supposed to be a coronation. Instead, she fell behind and now finds herself desperate to catch up. To that end, she and her campaign have been on the attack more and more...

I find this to be a serious breach of trust. Kay and her campaign have lost all ability to say that Rick is sending "vicious attack dogs" against little old Kay, when she is the aggressor, she is the one attacking almost constantly, and she is the one employing dirty tricks.

Kay is asking Rick to apologize... get this... because Kay accused Rick of breaking the law... which he did not... and so now she is calling Rick's response an attack?

What world is this lady living in?

Kay has lost all credibility.

I set out on this project to report back on this race in an objective manner, but my objectivity has been more and more compromised by Kay's strange attacks on things like unemployment benefits... and now this stuff. She is running a smear campaign. Kay should be ashamed. She has embarrassed Texas and herself.


  1. Dude, just out yourself as a Rick guy. From the beginning. You know it and the world knows it.

  2. todd (and have always thought this site was run by todd oslen)your firm was fired last week, your internet firm Upstream by Kay team now you have been blasting her. but i think your right she was banned from the internet today by google and yahoo. with all the flith on the internet how does a us senator ge banned? she has gone off the deep end. does she have a drinking problem or is that jus ther hubyy Ray?


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